My Wireless Router is Interferring with Wireleless Mouse & Keyboard



I have recently installed a Belkin wireleless router.

It has made it so that my Microsoft Wireless mouse and keyboard do not work properley. The keyboard keep missing out letters and the mouse needs about 5 clicks to work. I have put brand new batteries in both. I presume its the router as thats when the problems stare to happen.

Is there any way to switch off the routers wireless signal?? I am not actually using the wireless signal from it anyway as i have ethernet cables plugged into it. I Just got a wireless one because........? I could??

mate try changing the frequency on your router..
most wireless keyboards mouses have two signal settings aswell m8 have you tryed then ?
turn down the transmission power of the wireless and it won't transmit as far.
try turning it down to nil.
then make sure it's a little further away from your keyboard to stop any interference still getting thro'