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  • do u know virgin nw code we are tuning it on auto,have tried the other numbers tht are there but still not doing it when 1819 put in
    hi its me again still struggling, get list of chanells when search as soon as i pout 1819 in on channeln it says enable then goes off and scramble stays on??

    what do u suggest
    usb is only for flashing box or recording,not rar
    rar is a compressed file and wont work,erase the file from stick,down load it to pc,also download a program called winrar [google ] use the wizard to extract file,copy that file to usb it should be correct now
    hi i didnt use lan cable i just have put usb in back which does hav e the right version of 2.12 on, do i need to do something else now, wen it brings u p all scnned channels u cant get on to any cble ones just says scrambled, should i take stick out and start again, sorry i am such a novice
    look at the file dates as there are 2 ,it should be 2.12 and the date 12/05/11,check system info on your box to see what firmware is on it,make sure usb stick is formatted to fat 32,download to pc some files are in winrar or zip meaning compressed file that needs to be extracted first before you load the file/folder onto usb,follow the tuts for loading etc [DO NOT INSERT OR REMOVE USB WHILE BOX IS POWERED ON ] factory reset and rescan without lan,scan and when finished insert lan and exit out,insert lan and power off at back box modem and router for 30 secs then on ,go to ssp1 and insert 1819 and wait a min to clear.
    hi can u help i have my sv7 and have downloaded showmustgoon as u said butnothing happening dont seem to be able to see if file is downloading etc when i scan i get 307 channels showing but it only gives me free view, something not right, i am really new could u offer me any help please x
    we cannot pm newbies as they need 10 posts also cant give you name of supplier but if your good with clues you will find out when you google
    1st clue_ clouds are in it,also a big sat channel provider.3letters
    2nd clue- golden crisps.6letters
    put 1 and 2 together and google enjoy.
    Long time no spoken, back here again as I heard rumblings that there may be a solution to getting more tv programs. Have to read up as I had given up when 'v' took everybody down.
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