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  • hi chookey any chance u could help me out with image for a sammy hd been on it all day and cant get any to work.thanks paul
    Hi Chookey I'm bit of a newbie just read one of ur replies I just want to confirm that if i unlock a card & the bk starts 6d 56 ce that means its fooked?

    No benny, don't think he likes us lol. I was gonna reply and ask why he ain't posted the bytes considering all the help he has received. Ain't worth it though mate cos he listened to digitalspace and dumped it wrong so his bytes are "unprofessional". Don't really know how else to describe it mate but certainly would need a lot of explaining for someone else to use.
    i see ls13badboy got the sammy byte address chookey........why didn't he post it up for all to see ???.......................did you sort the dump out for him ?
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