xp problem hope u can help

dont do it it"ll hurt

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Nov 16, 2006
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I'll start from the beginning ( i know it usually helps i hear u say lol )
a few days ago my pc began to freeze and had to turn the pc off and restart as reset would not do any thing tried to restore but only made the freezing take longer to happen
so i have a real xp disk so i tried to repair and it tried to reinstall xp now the problem i have is that when i boot up i get a choice of starting xp or xp setup
when i try to move a folder it moves in jumps instead of smooth i have tried restore to solve this but will only let me restore to yesterday morning have done this but i get same problems as before is there any way to restore to an earlier time and remove the xp for yesterday
this is starting to pi.. me off now as i have removed all the apps that i think caused the prob
please help suicidal pc user
I don't think you can get a previous restore back, but I'm not sure.

Have you tried running the Windows XP Setup in the boot menu? It sounds to me like the setup isn't complete yet, so I would try restarting and running the Setup when it asks what operating system you want to run. After the setup is complete, it should just go straight to Windows XP.