no sound on disney channel


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Jun 4, 2005
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anyone any ideas on why i am missing sound on just the disney channel every other channel has sound even disney plus one

have tried other images but still no luck
just seems odd that it only happens on 1 channel

just like to wish all members of W/D all the best for xmas and the new year : snowman :santa:
yes mate i have had the same problem for ages !! it was fine before but recently i have no sound if i restart my dbox and quickly go to the channel it will work but then when the EPG comes the sound will go, i can get it to work by turning off the EPG but i want to keep it on
A couple of members have reported problems with the disney channel quite some time ago. Apparently you can press the yellow or green button whilst watching the channel to change the Audio stream.

There are 2 audio streams to choose from, select the one that works.
oh yes i remeber someone posting this but i can not do this on my image . im using sportster 1.7 uk04
lol i knew you was gonna say that, yeh im gonna soon just waiting for a cross over cable and null modem cable
Yep I have had this problem also with the Disney Channel it looks like the Disney channel is transmitting a Dolby Digital Stream now as well and the box is selecting this by default. AFAIK dolby digital would require the use of optical out of the dbox into a dolby digital decoder or amp
got the same probs with disney, if i press green button i go straight over to the radio section, how do adjust the sound settings while watching disney?