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  • hi sorry i havent replied ive been ill

    have you sorted it yet ??

    if not il check back on here tonight and guide you through what you need to do

    sorry for the late reply

    hi mate, any chance you want to earn a few quid sorting this out, both those softwares you gave me work, but i will need help putting the maps on etc. i have a new antenna coming tomorrow so hopefully we can get it sorted.
    hi hollow, right, here is the latest.
    i eventually managed to download both pieces of software from the links you sent.
    the second one works fine but needs the uk maps as it is an italian map,
    the first one loads ok but displays the message no map loaded .
    after looking at the files, there sems to be a keygen but no instructions on what to do, any ideas matey?
    hi there mate, still having a nightmare with this system, the gps antenna never arrived and i have just been issued with a refund, so, is there any way you can help me? i am trying to run tomtom one version 3 but after purchasing a couple of gps antenna, reading the instructions, they are compatible with tomtom one but not version 3 for some reason. so i would like to try another software.
    if you think you could help, please drop me a line or call me on 07540623465.
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