Internal Splitter?


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Dec 27, 2005
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I have a Sky Mini Dish with quad-lnb 2 feeds going to living room for Sky HD and 1 feed going to master bedroom and another into the other bedroom room but would like a feed in the dining room too but no space left on lnb.

Could I take the feed going into the living room and use some sort of splitter and send signal to dining room or will I have to upgrade to octo-lnb?
Don't think you can split it the only thing that might work rather than using a octo lnb is one of those sky eye splitters - just google ebay sky eye
Doesnt the Sky eye spliiter only send the RF signal from the same box so no seperate STB.
You will need an Octo lnb mate each box needs it's own feed from the dish

Can pick them up quite cheaply the now, seen one for £15 not too long ago

thats correc,t id say go for the octo lnb mate plus will give you a few more options if you upgrade in the future
Seems a bit too much hassle for adding only one extra feed.

Only need it for cheap freesat box in dining room on old 32" CRT Toshiba
Apprantly I do, but if I look on ebay theres loads of sky signal splitters that look the same as the cable splitters so dont know if it will work until I try it.
It will work as long as you dont have 2 receivers switched on at the same time that are connected to that splitter.
My parents had this problem at their home recently. Lounge, Entertainment-room, Bed1, Bed3(kids room) had the main 4 feeds and they wanted another in the dining/kitchen.

So rather than get an octo I cheated to cut corners and split the Bed1 so it went to kitchen too. Its not the best or proper way to do things, but if you keep only one satellite box on then it works fine. If you switch both receivers on (kitchen & bed1) then over half of the channels will not work (and you chance causing damage to the receivers). It works for my parents as they never need both the kitchen & bed1 tv at the same time.

Tbh though, i agree with all thats said above, get an octo lol. I will do it at my parents one day because they also need a feed for bed2 rather than run an rf loop from the lounge. So they need 6 now, but thats without having sky+ anywhere... octo's arent even enough these days :)