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  • Are you sure Gav? It's only negative if it is red, if it is grey then that's positive but as I have no rep myself then it shows as grey and not green.
    howdy gav i hope you don't mind me askin but do u get the 3bells kik offs oan a saturday,wae the dish 'o' fish?
    Gannon manager of the month, yer havin a laugh, we fooking spanked you'se

    who are ye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hibees Hibees
    We are Hibernian F.C. we hate jamtarts and we hate dundee. :proud:

    good result on Saturday mate, you should have beat them lol.
    MFCGAVMFC - The Myth, The Man, The Legend.
    A bloody nice guy to know, and one of the nicest people to grace the turf of the shrine of Scottish Football. C'mon ye Glencairn Alpha :)
    Have look here mate.Sat and Cable: Starview TheBox Power Supply (for starview 1, 2, 3,) SATandCABLE
    hi how are you, i was wandering if you have any step by step instructions for unlocking a sony ericsson w880 your help would be very much appreciated, thanks
    hi there m8 i have a dvd template if you want it motherwell logo on it etc it is for use in photoshop if you use that hope its ok for you it is pretty big wit wont be on that site for long and well done to ya team 4-0 great result against a dundee team thats playing pretty well motherwelldvdtemplate.psd all the best from a ex hamilton man now living in england
    Hello , mightywell does indeed refer to Motherwell FC.......... Love ur avatar real cool......
    Howday. MFCGAVMFC Just reading the thread about unbranding the w880i. i am looking to do the same thing but the link for the Simox Autopatcher is down. DONt suppose you could email us a copy of the program ?? Imanaged to get the seetools from the other link


    Just got back from a week off hols to find I got a valued friend in DW - woohoo!!!
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