what opens an exe

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Mar 9, 2003
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dutcho has managed to fook his machine, quite simply....lol, it seems the machine no longer knows what programme it needs to associate with exe files, this he says is a wee bit of a problem because no programmes will open as it requests which programme he wants to open it with.

any advise other than format helpful!

P.s. if we dont get it sorted soon i may not be on for a while as dutcho will have took over my machine...........
Sounds like it may need formatting mate. An exe is interperated by the kernal. I cant work out how he has done this lol
dutcho says he has tried system restore but it does not know what programme to use to open system restore

he has also tried the repair function of the xp disc but the association stays the same
can you just do a repair,or is there mismatched memory in there ,did you make any changes prior to it happenin
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