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  • Thanks charlie. :)

    I very much doubt that I'll be allowed to stay.

    I really only came back to pay my respects to David, if they allow me to stay then I'll stay.


    ps, nice to hear from u again you old famous guy! ;)
    hi charlie, they sell them here for like between $520 to $569.00 aus or $500usd which is $520ausd or 287.00 uk pounds ,thx david
    Hi, I wonder if you can help please?. I'd like to download Florida maps on my Tom Tom Live sat nav but they are costly just for a weeks holiday. Do you know if I can access them free or reasonably cheap please. They dont have to be upto date maps if that helps.
    Many Thanks.
    ok m8 was wondering if u can help me with this ,, my m8 has got a box pace 4001 but i have wqrote card with numbers he`s got on it but no go ?? the ird is 12508985 and i`m not sure wer to look cos if a rember thers a database of bk numbers that was on this site but gone now ,, don`t suppose u`d know wer and have alook for me thanx
    no probs if you can`t ok
    ok m8 sos to bother u again but could u do me a new rom as my cards gone off again last time it was a date issue with it so i used toxic to make my file and its gone again so i guess its a date prob again after reading a few posts cheers for ur trouble m8
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