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Dec 3, 2006
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fekin reids the begastards bought nu sofa last year not the most expenseve but leather and only 1100 pown,,,,had problems way sofa from minute i got it rips and tares and leather crackin reids supposidly fixt the problems 3 times in my home 4th time sofa was took back to workshop to be repaired but came back 5 weeks later with work not done<kid u not>so after 12 months of repaires and problem not sorted i told them to take it back and ask for full refund,,,but as i got it on finance i found it difficult to get my money back although finance agreement was settled in full in november,,,,reids tell me it has to be done this way they got the sofa back 4/5 weeks ago and i still aint got my cash can n e one advise me on this..........................................................

reids not a name u can trust wrecked my paint work aswell as sold me a duff sofa and because i never marked damage done to property on drivers sheet im out of poket again,,,reids u cost me a fortune
Take some kids in with permanent markers
Thanks for the info mate...Im off out tomorrow with the wife to buy a new suite...thats Reids off the list now....Land of Leather it is...unless anyone has any scary stories about them??
Try speaking to a couple of the consumer protection places that they got. They should be able to help you get your money back