problem with a 4001


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Jun 16, 2005
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Near Paisley
Having a few problem with a 4001, it started by having the stuck in tune problem, so I decided to change the 6 capacitors in stuck in tune appendix B tut.
Followed the rest of tut and reset frequency and everything else that needed done, when I got back in I was getting the error( mute err) after spending some time reading threads on this I changed the way I did the card and used a different rom 11 image and got back in again.

Reset box and started to get the channels up, a bit weird though because I was getting all the extra channels but not bbc1, 2, itv, ch4, 5, usual ones.
So went in and checked the eng menu, I know a lot of these settings aren’t right but don’t know what to do next, here goes.
Page 6) DVB DEMOD STATUS…….SNR Estimate is approx 22.5dB, Lock status is – Locked
Page 10) DVB RC DOWNSTREAM….. SNR Estimate is 0Db, Lock Status – Unlocked
Page 11) DVB RC UPSTREAM… frequency 0000,…..baud rate 00000, connection status is( 1 receiver locking),…….connection ID 0000.

Another thing i was having was when i did have channels they were jirking and freezing slightly.

I Know a lot of this isn’t right just don’t know what to do about it,it wont reboot itself and I don’t get nit.
Any help appreciated.