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  • Hi friend,
    Can I ask for a link to download openpli 4 to my dm800se clone?
    this link doesn't work
    very, very thank you
    I apologize for my English language
    Hi... I was downloading BETA Lutron HomeWorks QS Programming Software 10.7.0 and something were wrong with the connection and the file downloaded was corrupted. Is it posible that you help me in order to download it again without wait for 24 hours? Thanks in advance.
    hi, im new to all this so can you bear with me, ive a amiko hd8150 everything works ok, but i dont have astra 2 and 3 on it there is 60 other satallites though. can any one help.????
    Ferret im sure I had paid for membership years ago but its been revoked and never noticed, Can you check for me mate?
    hi, I have just had to re-register, I have not been on forum for a long while and with my old login I am an inactive user and cant do anything, I had a post count of over 1000, is there anyway to make me active again ? I was loady and can supply the password. Thanks
    You dont say what your old login was !
    was this forum split..there is another one digital kaos that has a lot of people in it i rememeber and i seem to have an account there
    Your loady account is now back at registered follow normal password recover.
    trying to set up my zgemma star s2 managed to get all fta channels .
    l am having trouble getting anything else . New to all this so any help would be great.
    Thanks gaz
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