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    Hi I have one issue with it...

    I've set

    Northern Ireland Custom - yes

    Rats other - Yes

    and ROI - yes

    I then go to Provider order and move sat_282_sky_irl up to the top of the list and run a scan but the Irish bouquet end near the bottom Below International and above Scottish variations.

    I'm on zgemma h.s and latest openvix.

    Very good otherwise
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    hi ratz channel updater dont seem to be working
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    Hi are u still updating the picons ?
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    Hi Rat its ruud36,i tried to change the skin colour on the forum and now i can't see anything at all,cos i've got it on remember me to log in everytime i refresh its all just blank.Could you log me out or change the skin colour back please so i can see the forum.God knows how i managed to get this far with a message
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    Hi mate

    I am using your bouguets plugin for dm800. There are two channels you can find on All when viewing bouguets. Channels are Peace TV and Peace TV URDU. These channels should be in international Others. Is it possible if you can update this please. I flash different images to bring best out of my box. I have to manually move them every time. I thought i would be easier with one button click with your plugin. Thanks
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    hi rats.

    These bouguets you have uploaded for slyuk when i click on latest updated bouguets is that just minor update or complete bouguets for all channels. Can you point me to correct direction please. I need Slyuk bouguets for hd channels included for dm800 hd. Thanks
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    Hi mate

    Just d/loaded your latest channellis, what are thoise picon things ? do i need them ??

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    hi John, tell karen she was a star, really joined in with everything and made us feel very welcome, letting four stranges invade you garden and use facilities what more could i say your children are lovely and by the way the sheep got desperate during the night and had to use the garden.....
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DigitalWorldz 800SE V1 Image : Feedback For Image Here ... 5th April 2012 18
Dreambox NO CA FOUND Repair Tool NCF SIM2 v2 : Dreambox NO CA FOUND Repair Tool NCF SIM2 v2 - Yassinov Great tool for fixing corrupt bootloaders ... 5th April 2012 184
Full colour picons on front oled dm800SE : extract the zip and put the skin_display96.xml file in /usr/share/enigma2 and overwrite the existin ... 5th April 2012 38
Cool TV Guide v5.6.1 : popular EPG Skin Design 6th April 2012 229
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airplayer_0.1.10 : airplayer_0.1.10 streaming plugin 8th April 2012 30
My Tube IPK : This one has been tested on 800SE and worked watch You Yube Videos on your TV via yout dreambox ... 29th January 2013 8
TM-Twin0-OE Modified Image : Originally uploaded by Rat. Moved into different section ... 5th May 2012 10
Twin Log Report Tool : Originally uploaded by RAT. Moved into different section. Not receiver specific Obtains detailed in ... 11th May 2012 7
TM-twin_5Dd : An image for the TM-TWIN-OE based upon Digitalworldz-V1 and openPLi sources, as well as a releas ... 19th May 2012 23
VIX Image Vu+ Duo Version 2.4 15.05.2012 : writeup/feedback 19th May 2012 94
DW Brushed Ali Mod : IPK for Brushed Ali DW Mod Skin FTP to TMP folder On Dreambox Blue Software Management I ... 30th June 2012 12
DW Kerni HD Skin Mod : DW Kerni HD Skin Mod IPK for Brushed Ali DW Mod Skin FTP to TMP folder On Dreambox Blue ... 1st July 2012 6
TechnomateMaker 1.5 : This software automatically generates the Softcam for STB Technomate. For Technomate Series: 100 ... 8th July 2012 103
crossepg_0.6.2-r0+5a21280dff + 6375a316aa_mipsel : enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-crossepg_0.6.2-r0+5a21280dff + 6375a316aa_mipsel FTP to TMP folder ... 13th July 2012 96
Team 4D image for TM-Twin-OE : Originally uploaded by Rat. Moved into different section ************************************ ... 20th July 2012 7
TM-TWIN-OE-4D-linux-2.6.18-08-08-2012 : Originally uploaded by Rat . Moved into different section Please read before installation 4D ... 9th August 2012 14
permanenttimeshift_experimental-git20120501-r0_dm8 : permanenttimeshift_experimental-git20120501-r0_dm800se 19th August 2012 9
cooltvguide_Coolman_V5.6.2 : enigma2-plugin-extensions-cooltvguide_Coolman_V5.6.2_all 19th August 2012 56
enigma2-plugin-extensions-et-livestream_1.0-r0_mip : enigma2-plugin-extensions-et-livestream_1.0-r0_mipsel install this if you are having problems getti ... 13th January 2013 60
BBC iPlayer Plugin Category Update : FTP Folder to /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions restart box updated by saintomer1866 ... 14th January 2013 35
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