help needed for CT1/CT2 on 19.2


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Jul 5, 2005
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hi guys i am trying to get CT1/CT2 on 19.2, & any other channels that i can get.
i have a infinity usb phoenix proggy.
now my problem starts with which card to get, i have been reading through some posts & think that i need a penta or opos card to get me started.
i am also stuck on which software to use for this, ive tried reading up on all the info but i seem to have run into a dead end now.
oh i almost forgot to mention that i have a crytoworks cam also.

i was also wondering if using a cam & card is the best option?
the stb isnt a TM so i dont think i can use anything eles apart from the cam and card?

I'd be very greatfull if anybody could help me out with problem i have.
many thanks

is upc poss

hello all.
1st i hope that i have posted in the right section?
2nd thing is how can i go about finding out how to program a card to unlock CT1 & CT2 (upc direct) from what i have been reading im sure its possible to get these channels on 19.2E. i am trying to help a friend & it would be nice if i could help him get his beloved channels!!
am i right in thinking that there is a way to get these channels, ive since read that the keys are not public & you need to search for the channels you need.
if someone could shed some light on this subject for me i would be greatful, or am i wasting my time trying to sort this out for a mate!!!
i have my infinity phoenix & mateys dish is lined upto astra 1 & i also have a crytoworks cam & a dragon cam. the dragon cam is mine for when i get my dish put up at the end of the week but if i can use this to help solve this problem out for now i will do!!!
can anybody advise me on what steps to take nxt:Cheers: