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  • Hello Mick! I am looking for the US version of the UPCMC software for a TDE100. Any chance you have a copy?
    Thinking about writing a plugin for members to have streams on there profile pages...
    hi mick ive recently rejoined after years but only because i was unable to get back on to forum for some unknown reason.
    im trying to post a question but it keeps asking me for tags etc before i can post.it didnt used to do that in my early days.how do i jprepare a post pse
    I've downloaded RTI integration, what file format is it my PC does not recognise it as either a ZIP or an EXE
    hi mick. I came across your chip tuning downloads, but I am unable to download them. I keep getting a message that says "you have exceeded your daily allowed download limit" any ideas?
    Hi Mick ive just had 2 new high scores in the arcade room not register,it says something about a security tag or something like that is missing.Cheers
    hi mick i wanted to ask if u can change my user name for me plz not a big change can u change from madmanc1 2 just madmanc hope u can sort this for me and i would just like to say nice site m8 thanks
    Thanks Mick for the nice welcome. i have been using satellite as a hobby for a while now so this forum will be very handy. satkat.
    Hi Mick,
    Thanks for the nice welcome, looking to glean info on a newly acquired dreambox DV3 600-S, I'm clueless on satellite stuff. Cul ... jachol
    kitty hawk ask your questions in the satellite forums they will 100% be able to help you.

    I have no idea about these boxes sorry.

    Hi Mick, Im a new member, I bought a Dreambox 500 cable, I have read and read but I cant get anywhere with this box, I have tried flashing and following videos from utube but still not getting anywhere, Im almost at the point of just giving up, and writing off the £50 or so pounds I paid for the box, you are my last hope, please guide me to where I can get this beast working, Im not quite sure Ill get your reply, unless it comes up in the private message box. thats where I found you this time. Hope you can help me.
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