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Mar 20, 2024
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Have just started trying to get to grips with my home which had a Homeworks QS system installed.
I really want to do this myself and have already done as many of the Lutron LCI online courses I could see.
However my problem is straightforward....

I dont have the current Lutron DB on the processor, and Lutron support are advising they need me to buy the Lutron Test Kit for a few thousand pounds and attend the multi-day Homeworks instructor led training. This seems excessive for my needs and I dont have the money.

In short - all I want to do is
1. backup the system
2. I have one panel change to make.

I have a fear that something will go pop and I will lose the configuration.

What are my options please? Can I use an older version of the software or could that corrupt things (since the new software is locked since I have not passed and paid for the accredition on my lutron account)
OK so done some research and my processor is running 9.4.0 so ideally that is the designer software I need or a version prior to needing an approved Lutron installer account. Open to ideas!
it would be much cheaper to find a Lutron programmer to do what you need.

They could then setup the Lutron App for you and then you can adjust the scenes yourself as homeowner edits.

There is no way to run the latest Lutron software without a single sign on Lutron account. This links you to Lutron and the software and without the homework’s qualification you won't have access.

But yeah you could buy the homework’s test training kit which will have the new QSX processor and then do the training. And use that QSX processor instead of the old QS.

Savant users:
Be careful if you want to use the Lutron QSX processor if you have a savant system as it will mean you need a savant license and a leap bridge.