Help find Sammy BK please!



Hi all, I have got two sammy boxes and tried using jtag to extract BKs, I got the bk on the first box ok but the second box shows all zeros for the box key although the it shows the IRD. I have read all the threads I can find and tried BKE2.1 and 2.2 also OCD Commander and tried different addresses shown but still no joy. is it possible to accidently erase the BK? in which case I suppose its a basket case or am I doing something wrong, ( I followed the sammy jtag tut to the letter ) any help would be gratefully received...Cheers
another way to get bk if you have a t911 m8 you can unlock the card to get your bk in nagra edit m8
You have put the sammy on stream as if you done one but not the other it sounds strange. You cannot earse the bk so do not chuck the box.

Thanx for replies, I havent got a T911 whatever that is! so I wonder if its due to the new firmware upgrade that n*l have just done?
short out the battery then read again

Hi All, thanks for helpful suggestions, I found the solution on another thread, the latest firmware (3.2?) moves the position of the box key so that BKE - OCD etc wont find it. the answer is to downgrade to ver 3 (net id 41050) so that the bk is displayed and then revert to the correct net id...:cool: :cool: