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  • "I use memories but I do not allow memories to use me" David has returned home.
    hi mate . need your help
    i bought new dm500s
    i try to flash with commando 14.2
    but it says file is too big
    where did go wrong .
    please help me or another flash file
    u help me in past and u r good teacher in past
    so please help me
    awiting to hear from u
    devid please help me u help in past
    i got tv with calm slot SONY.
    DO U GIVE ME GUIDE HOW TO make card for it .
    i read but cant understand. please give me instuction slowly in briefe i am not good learning fast
    awiting to here form
    please help me
    though manchester is gone to n3. so can be possible .
    Hi David, it's me again.
    I still have a problem with my order in satronics.
    I caught Josh last week on his live support, and he promised me "100% sure" that he sens my order 000200 (18.06) on Mon 05.07, but he still don't answer emails and I still don't have any confirmation that he has sent it. I am considering cancellation of my order, but I don't have any contact with Mr Josh.
    Will you be so kind and try to contact satronics.
    P.S. My email is ok, you checked it yourself, is not bouncing.
    Thank you.
    Hi david sorry about that mate.....the 1 i want is the 1 in my albums on profile(hibs).

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