DM500s ? Any Help Please....


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Jun 25, 2012
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hey I'm a new to the forum so be gentle lol.. I'm getting into cardsharing cause friends want my subscription as i am paying for the full package. I've spent weeks reading up and just wanted to know if I'm goin in the right direction...

im gonna buy dm500s to act as a server( if any better please tell ) ...

1. is the dream elite image ( or others images) the first thing i use to flash it ? do i need a program to install the image to the box or just place the file through directory? .... btw I've got a mac if that makes a problem ?

2. is cccam software installed with the image that is flashed?

3. is there away i can control cardsharing? like manage usernames n password so they can be backed up n such ..

4. i understand that i need a static ip address, but i could i make 1 manually Setting a Static IP Address in Mac 0S X 10.4 - << like that ? but does that mean i need my mac on 24/7 as well?

5. do i need dynDNS or could i just get away with using no-ip free services?

even if i could get rough answers I'm happy. i understood cline parts n cccam config.. just wana know if I'm going on the right way even if it means using windows os to set it up .. thanks
thats alot of questions for your first post m8, you need to read the rules first b4 you get any further on DW :hiyou: