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May 6, 2006
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HELP!!! I have recently stumbled apon a problem that has got me pulling my hair out. the problem if anyone can help is :- i have read and flashed a couple cards (atmega) for sammy for the Mansfield and Notts area. these all were successful however i have recently been asked to reflash a friends box from Derby, I can reset the box for my area and the NTL flash works fine but when it returns to Derby all we get is the box freeze on 0 . the box was previously working in that house hold with a tit card . All i have done is transfer b/k and ird to Atmega? What i need to know is am i using the correct flash ? their bill is ntl so that would suggest it would be the same as myown. CAN ANYONE HELP!!! Please
Sounds like you aint getting a signal.

And you have posted in the wrong section!