Digitalworldz Fantasy F1 league 2024

Bugger another place down 😡
Half decent race especially in the middle stack, great job sainz.
Whoops still on me way down. Decent race with some good midfield action.
Me to Gez, made changes the other week and they seem to have been poor choices.

New proposal on points seems interesting and could add more competitive racing at the end for the middle of the pack, be interested to see how the discussions go.
Not as easy as last one but it works and it's quick update. Great find by @rawsy 👍
Not sure what happened to Daniel but he better get better results than that o he will be out.
1.194 Major R Soles103 M.Pturnerbrown (R)AGBR606120545.+127642.50
2.023 Wally Wally mAxie100 M.PSoetoe (R)ANED58686789.-314760.17
3.050 Rawsy Racing101 M.Prawsy (R)AGBR576109908.+44888.33
4.437 Gindo190 M.PPaul Cooke (R)AGBR558971107.-631056.50
5.023 AlgarveChamp100 M.PMuaitai (R)APOR5391071251.+791037.17
6.063 Truckers team86 M.Pgeztam (R)AGBR534841289.-1281070.83
7.163 Tamarc DW202495 M.OTamarc (R)AGBR528901333.-561060.83
8.180 Overthefence Racers89 M.POverthefence (R)AGBR5131001432.+391192.67
9.028 Studgys - Shenanigans89 M.PStudgy Gladman (R)AGBR504741484.-1411114.67
10.220 wizMinnions99 M.Obalderdash (R)AIRL498821503.-561290.17
11.233 Spudders Team80 M.Ospud1966 (R)AGBR447701654.-311361.83
1.194 Major R Soles106 M.Pturnerbrown (R)AGBR735129411.+134568.71
2.023 Wally Wally mAxie106 M.PSoetoe (R)ANED710124688.+101694.71
3.050 Rawsy Racing104 M.Prawsy (R)AGBR700124804.+104805.71
4.028 AlgarveChamp104 M.PMuaitai (R)APOR6461071228.+231039.71
5.063 Truckers team88 M.Pgeztam (R)AGBR6421081247.+421064.14
6.437 Gindo1101 M.OPaul Cooke (R)AGBR638801279.-1721142.00
7.163 Tamarc DW2024103 M.OTamarc (R)AGBR626981353.-201100.86
8.180 Overthefence Racers91 M.POverthefence (R)AGBR6221091386.+461168.29
9.220 wizMinnions104 M.Obalderdash (R)AIRL5981001497.+61286.29
10.028 Studgys - Shenanigans91 M.PStudgy Gladman (R)AGBR587831527.-431188.00
11.233 Spudders Team81 M.Ospud1966 (R)AGBR515681672.-181412.43
12.069 Crash test dummies77 M.PLeesc (R)AGBR488711701.-61510.43
Bloody hell @Tamarc you have overtook me you sneaky git😂, not posting results incase someone hasn't seen the race.
Happy with the result, but what a boring race!
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