Where am I going wrong?


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Nov 12, 2006
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Ok guys so here is what I did. I went to my mums at the weekend with my brother. He and I both have worked for a very well known cable company in the past no names (telepest). Any way my mum has SLY so she asked can we install it in every room for her like we used to have at our old house. My brother and I remembered how the old place was wired and so we said no probs we will do it. So in a nuts shell we have wired the place us 100% the same as the old house as you can see. (Please see the diagram for more details.)
But there are a few things that I am sure that we are getting wrong.
1- The “RF” splitter in the loft dose not work because it has is own power supply and I think that this is interfering with the 9v magic eyes that we have installed. So I guess what I am trying to say is what aerial splitter would be 100% correct for this kind of install.
2- What are the best magic eyes to buy? There are many on ebay I just don’t want to get one for like £3 and it dose not work I would rather pay £15 from Argos if that is the case.

And before some of you say to me that you have to turn on the power on for the RF2 port on the back of the box by going in the engineers menu I have already done that. If any one can help please do. Cheers lads.
The problem here will be your rf booster/splitter. It is not magic eye compatible. The best solution is to get a new booster that is link or 'tvlink' compatible. The best manufacturer IMO is Global Communications who own the TVLINK brand.
I am not sure of prices or where you can buy from, but an 8-way booster is called the T180 which should suit your needs.

These links may help you locate or search the product that suits you-

You may also need the same brand of magic eyes, but the ones you have may work fine, its trial n error. Basically its the booster that is the main importance because most will stop eyes from working.
Just enother note to add to the above:

1, Are the cables run internally to a socket on the wall?

2, Are the outlet sockets Padded, if they are they will terminate the voltage (They should be None Isolated)?

3, Are all your coaxial connections done correctly ie, None of the outer brading is touching the copper centre core?

The Global equipment that is mentioned is your safer bet, but there is also a Distribution Unit called a Loft Box, which you can purchase of a company call Alltrade.

Also dont forget to alter you Channel Frequency from 68, depending where your mum has moved to, as this may cause Co-Channeling with the terestrial stations.

Thanks guys i got a T180 and a T140 loads of magic eyes and remotes lol fixed my mums house and now i have three people where she lives wanting the same thing already done two hee hee made some nice lolly. Thanks lads this is a great earner and not hard to do. Well apart from sitting in some ones loft with a crazed pigeon attacking me every 2 minuets or so :D
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crazed blood thirsty zombie pidgeons are part of the job m8 lol
when installing in spain ya miss those crazed blood thirsty zombie pidgeons, they are usually replaced by crazed blood thirsty wasps! or since most spanish homes have basements instead of lofts you also get crazed blood thirsty snakes jumping at you. Moral of the story, pigeons are great :).