TV Setup Question (HD)


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May 9, 2007
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Hi all

I've had Sky for a while, but just got a HD box.

My setup is that I'm using my stereo for sound.

1) If I connect my HD box to the TV with a SCART cable the sound works fine through the stereo.
2) If I connect my HD box to the TV with the HDMI cable the sound doesn't work at all through the stereo. All I get is a couple of 'pops', then nothing.

I've tried replacing the HDMI cable, but that didn't help.

Does anyone have any theories I could try?

Thanks a lot.
Very strange.
My sky hd box is connected to the tv via hdmi and sound comes through the amp when connected via phono or optical.

Sounds like something is at fault. Is your sky box directly connected to the stereo or is it connected from the tv to stereo as it could be that your tv can't output soundto an external source when connected via hdmi so make sure the phono / coax / optical (whichever method your using for connecting the sound is direct from the sky box to stereo.
Cool, connecting straight from the box worked. :banana:

The only problem now is that we have to switch the TV AND Sky box off, or else the sound carries on...which is what we probably should do anyway!

Cheers mate.
Glad it worked :)

Should proberly switch everything off when your finished anyway, mother nature and all that ;) lol.