think tm800 is dead


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Nov 1, 2008
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well i was just watching itvhd on my tm800 and all of a sudden it just went off, totally went off as though i had switched it off at the back, ive tried turning it back on and it just wont turn on, ive left it for bout an hr or so and just tried again to turn it on and no joy, when it turned its self off i checked the top of it and it was alot hotter than usual, so it looks like il be on the phone tomorrow sorting a replacement out
well even though i feel abit of a tit i thought i beta update everyone, ive just checked the fuse and replaced it and its working now lol, i just neva thought of it because of the time ive had it which int long really, anyway back to normal,
Well that's good news that you have it working again.

I'd try and find out what caused the thing to blow in the first place mate and make sure you fix the issue.

It's not connected to an overloaded extension is it?
its connected to an exstension but its only got 2 things plugged into it one been my tm800 and its been like that since ive had the tm800 which was the first day they got released, but its just gone again, this time i wasnt watching it and ive only just noticed it, it was just in standby, just tried turning it on again and no joy, im wondering if it was just a coincidence it started working again when i swapped the fuse, since changing fuse aswell from last time it went off it has randomly rebooted itself twice,
Does sound like an internal fault, likely connected with heat or power board component failure. Its not normal so it will need sending back whilst under warranty. Even if its a blown fuse again its not healthy to keep like that.
If its blowing fuses, somethings not right m8, id get onto where you bought it, or TM, and get it replaced
I would keep it on all time and see how it goes fuse could be faulty,
well turns out it wasnt my tm800 at all, this time my tm800 was in standby again and noticed it had turned off again, then as i was watching it it turned on again then off again, then at the time i was watching a film on my xtreamer and that went off, so went to go have a little look and saw the light on my extension lead like blinking, and my tm800 and xtreamer power lights were doing same thing like coming on and going off, so went and bought a new extension lead today and its been fine, my old extension i plugged into the wall and had a little mess and it can be fine in certain positions, but when it moves into a nother position it can go off, so dodgey wiring or sumthing, anyway all seems to be sorted now, but it has been definately getting alot hotter than usual, like i mean really really hot, but looks like thats goning to be sorted soon , thanks for advice guys
nice to see you got it sorted m8, cheers for letting us know what you found
well woke up this morning, got the tm800 remote, pressed power button, kept pressing the power button thought whats going on here as wunt turn on, went closer and there was no display, tried turning it off and on at the back, still no joy, ive tried in different sockets no joy, swapped the fuse over, and again tried in every socket still no joy,