RNS 510 adding a language

Sep 4, 2019
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I've seen people selling serbian language, hungarian language etc. for RNS 510 on various websites so I was wondering what does it take to add a language. I understand that it isn't a piece of cake but would give it a go.

What I found out so far is not much but probably could be useful for some of you guys. RNS 510 Firmware updates I think around 39xx or so add 4 languages (Russian, Arabic and 2 more - not sure, too lazy to check), so that made me think that it was possible to add a custom language too. Also the person selling the language is only selling it with MAP + FIRMWARE, so most likely we will need to change some files in both map update iso file and firmware update iso file. I found out that there is a SPEECH folder in firmware iso file and in which there are UVO_XX.zip and SDS_XX.zip, where every language has a UVO_XX.zip file and only those with voice speech/recognition SDS_XX.zip file. For example there is only a russian UVO_RU.zip file, because russian doesnt have speech recognition. Also digging through that UVO_RU.zip I found that there is a vsi.img file, which when I open in notepad++ has a bunch of random letters and symbols(probably a binary file of some sort), none of those letters I can understand except the "Philips MPEG-4 Wideband speech, Output file: Input file:" part. So I googled it and found out that it is some kind of audio codec ( still not sure what it means ), but then I found a russian forum which I google translated and they said that it probably costs around 3-6k euro to get the equipment necessary to record that kind of audio if I understood correctly, still not stopping the research but I desperately need some help and info from you guys.

ALSO: Still have no idea which files are associated with changing the menu language, if anyone knows something about that, please let me know.