1. M

    RNS 510 adding a language

    Hello, I've seen people selling serbian language, hungarian language etc. for RNS 510 on various websites so I was wondering what does it take to add a language. I understand that it isn't a piece of cake but would give it a go. What I found out so far is not much but probably could be useful...
  2. dar1437

    WiFi scanner?

    Morning all, Does such a thing as a sort of WiFi scanner exist? What i mean is, a device that you could place by your router, and it would show every nearby (RF) signal (im assuming thats what they use?) Wi-fi/ Bluetooth/ cordless phones/ whatever, and exactly what frequency/ channel/ they were...
  3. Arthur Daley

    OBD or OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Recommendations.

    Hello guys, I would like to buy one of these wireless ODB or ODB2? scanner things which connect to your smart phone and can keep you informed of any error codes and the general health of your motor. Do you have any recommendations I can pick up from eBay? They all seem to have the code ELM327 in...
  4. johnny bravo

    bluetooth on samsung tv

    hi guys - i want to use my sony wireless bluetooth headphones on my samsung smart doesnt have bluetooth inbuilt, the panel at the back is as in picture..can i connect my bluetooth sony headphones to it ? tv model iS UE42F5500AK
  5. Captin

    Mobile Phones Samsung S8+ Not connecting to car

    Having had a S6 for some time I decided to upgrade to an S8+ but now I can't use it in my car. My car has an 3rd party Chinese dvd player/sat nav unit running on Android 5 and it had no problem pairing to my S6. When I try with the S8+ is says "connecting" but I never get the pop up to enter...