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newbie questions


New Member
Nov 1, 2005
Hey all

I'm looking forward to being part of the community here. Just a little to introduce myself:

27, from near manchester - Bolton to be exact, working as a developer.

now that's over with - phew!

I've had my Nokia DBOX2 for quite some time now and my mate sorted out the boxcracker image for me (i think it's 1.0?!?)

however, I realise I can't scan for new channels etc...soooooo

I was wondering if one of you wonderful people could point me in the right direction of:

- the best image to use
- if you have any good tutorials on how to flash my box and install the new image (so that I don't screw it up - i'm quite good at doing this!!)
- and which services files to use (i'm NTHell)

is it best to use the manchester services files or use the Bolton one's???? or mix and match (if you can?)

Any help to get me going would be appreciated.

thanks guys (and gals - if there are any?)



Inactive User
May 21, 2005
Gavs latest image is good or sportster 17+ uk 05 is ok aswell, both availible on here, as for services file you can do a scan with these images and find all channels in your area, if you look at top of dbox page there are loads of tuts on how to flash ect.
And welcome too the world of the dbox