mute error on atmega 163


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Jun 1, 2005
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got a bit of a problem keep getting mute error on atmega 163 done it in the usual way when i go to engineers menu getting mute error . I have tried three cards in a row all the same

tried a fun card everthing works ok

box is a sammy on 3.2

cheer sfor any help :Cheers:

btw i am using a usb infinity phoenix the cards are the red and yellow moon 1s from unapit and i have never had problems with these before
god knows mate if youve used them before with no problems id tri a different sort of atmega if that fails try getting your self a open mosc card and try that
have you tried the ird opposite way?
Did You Buy Them Off Ebay If So There Are Plenty Of Duff Ones On There
this happened with a atmega card i bought then i wrote to the internal and external eeprom and it worked so give it a try