3.7 Funcard & Atmega guide on how to fix

From reading the numerous threads on updatding funcards and atmega cards to cope with the new 3.7 software there is obvioulsy some problems being encountered and I think it best to compile the information into a guide so that everyone can get their channels back, albeit for the short time that remains before N3 hits us all.

The following guide has been compiled from advice given by many members, but in particular, AndyfUK who has provided plenty of help in the cable section on this subject.

1. Download appropriate software for your area, funcard or atmega.

2. Put your card in your programmer, read card and save external eeprom which may be required if next step does not work. When reading your card the flash will be erased.

3. In the flash, place the new flash hex file you downloaded and write just the flash to your card. You now have your existing card with the new 3.7 hex. Place the card in box and put onto an encrypted channel and in most cases the channel should clear in 2 to 10 minutes.

4. If it still does not work then you need to check that you have a CAM ID in your external eeprom. Using Swapbinhex convert the hex external eeprom file, which you saved in Step 2 into a bin file. To do this just drag your hex file over the Swapbinhex file icon and the bin file will be generated in the same folder as the hex file. Change the file extension from bin to bn11 and then open this file in in Nagraedit 4.1. Ignore the message of incorrect file size and click on the Data Editor tab. If the three CAM ID fields are blank then you need to put in an ID for your area. Starting with 24 for pure ntl, 27 for exC&W and 2C for Telewest. If you have a CAM ID already, just check that it is correct for your area. If you prefer you can create a new external eeprom file using Toxic 7, putting in your IRD, BK and CAM ID, clicking on your area and then saving the file.

Whilst in Nagraedit just check your tier expiry and rights date as some images run out in May 2010. It might be an idea to advance these, just in case there is a delay in the upgrade to N3. Well, we all live in hope of some slippage in the rollout.

Once all done save your Nagraedit file and then change the extension back to bin. If your programmer software does not allow you to use bin files then you will need to convert back to a hex file with Swapbinhex. Place the downloaded flash hex file into flash and the file you have just saved from NagraEdit into external eeprom in programmer application, erase card and then write the card. Normally your programmer will write external eeprom first and then the flash. If not, then manually write the external eeprom first and then the flash. Place the card in box and put onto an encrypted channel and in most cases the channel should clear in 2 to 10 minutes.

5. If still not working, then carry out Step 4 again, but this time put a completely fake and not the correct CAM ID for your area. Something AndyfUK found out worked in certain cases and I am not sure why it works.

6. If card still does not work try a different card from an alternative manufacturer. 4th Generation Atmega cards have not worked where other Atmegas have.

7. If you get a checksum error when writting to the card then convert the downloaded flash hex file into a bin file using Swapbinhex or similar software and then convert back into a hex file. This will correct the checksum error.

I trust your card is now working, but if not, then please post stating what type of card, card manufacturer, what cc area you are in, make and model of box, how you created your external eeprom file. Then it might be possible to determine other steps required to get cards working.


Hi peeps I was doin my friends card the other day and he lives in st helens can anyone tell me what erea this is ie: ex:cw / TW or Pure I have looked at his original card and his camid starts with 2D i have wrote a new atmaga card for it with original cam of his card and even tried a funcard both with the new TW fix on them. I also edited the dates on them but to no joy he just gets a few channals but its missing loads out jumping channals so to speak plus keeps getting a messege saying that the wrong smart cart is inserted the box key and ird are all correct i no this 100% any help on this matter please peeps cheers