Flower Buckets

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Jan 3, 2010
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Guys this is gonna sound real silly but here goes.

I need some buckets like the ones they have the flowers in in supermarkets. They use to sell 8 used ones for a pound. Been to ask at our local and they reckon cos they now recycle them they dont sell them anymore.

Anyone kow where to get them from? I promised to get some for my mates kid.
Thanks for that. the middle link looks good at 5.50 for 10.

Anyone know of any others?
Supermarkets have killed off my local anything mate

Why don't you ask in the supermarket, maybe they'll give you the used ones, they go in the bin anyway. Tell them it's for a good cause. :)

Ask Witchy, he used to do fruit n veg and flowers, maybe he knows what they do with them.

Good luck.
ASDA now return the black plastic buckets to the suppliers.

They used to just drop them in the bin.

I suppose there's no harm in asking though.
As i said in my I first post they now some sort of recycling or something. Anyway thanks guys