Disc cover clubland 8 cd3 cover needed


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Mar 23, 2005
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anyone got the clubland 8 disc 3 cover front back and cd please

p.s i have got disc 1 and 2 covers just need disc 3 only please

thanks in advance
sorry narabdela i just read the post any replyed.

is it ok to post track list if not m8 just delte post for me.

01.Ultrabeat v Scott Brown ( Elysium (I Go Crazy) - Friday Night Posse Mix ).mp3
02.Porn Kings ( Pump Up The Sound ).mp3
03.Access 3 ( Promised Land ).mp3
04.KB Project ( Your Love - Dancing DJs Mix ).mp3
05.3 Amigos ( Think I Better Let You Know - Hardknox Remix ).mp3
06.Dance Assassins feat. Karen Parry ( Sail Away - Styles & Breeze Mix ).mp3
07.Maximum Lush ( You & I - Alex K Remix ).mp3
08.Dancing DJs v Roxette ( Fading Like A Flower - Alex K Remix ).mp3
09.Vortex ( Everytime - Vortex Power Mix ).mp3
10.Styles & Breeze ( I Will Be ).mp3
11.Karen Danzig ( Wishing On A Star ).mp3
12.Lee S feat. Danielle ( Open Your Heart ).mp3
13.DJ Alex K feat Ellewood ( Smalltown Boy ).mp3
14.4 Sins feat. Vanity ( Frozen - Bad Behaviour Mix ).mp3
15.Booty Callers ( IOU Nothing ).mp3
16.Dana Rayne ( Flying High ).mp3
17.Maniac v Michael Sembello ( Maniac - Flip & Fill Mix ).mp3
18.Special D ( Here I Am ).mp3
Just posted Clubland 8 covers (front,back,cd1,cd2,cd3(live cd) on covers pages m8.
is it ok to post track list if not m8 just delte post for me

No problem, we just want to have covers on the cover site where people can search and access them easily.