AC'97 Audio Problem


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Mar 22, 2005
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Hi All,
i have a problem with multimedia audio controller (code 1), so i downloaded realtek AC'97 drivers but after installing the drivers my screen goes blank. i would appreaciate if someone can help me with this.
Thanks guyz.
thnkz dutcho,
i havent tryd safemode yet, but have uninstalled it in device manager and rebooted to let xp install it but the same thing happens installs the drivers and then screen goes blank.
to start in safemode do i resatart my computer and press del or F12?
cheers mate.
Jat, m8 to boot into safe mode, whilst it's booting press the F5 key repeatedly after your m/c 's finished checking the ram, you'll be presented with a menu asking about safe mode, safe mode with networking & safe mode command prompt, select safe mode.
Once it's booted, you should be presented with a log-on screen with ADMINISTRATOR as one of the users, select that, have a look in your add/remove programs list to see if there's an entry for the driver you've just installed. If there is uninstall it, that should remove all the driver files. If you've got 'onboard' sound, have the cd that came with your mobo to hand. Reboot m/c and load the drivers from the cd....
See if that helps...
unfortunatley ther are 1000' of ac97 drivers guess u just got the wrong 1...

so u will need the correct driver to match ya motherboard so u can
search for this driver on the net knowing ya motherboard details or use the disc it came with, if u have 1

good luck hope this helps
What motherboard are you using?

I had a similar problem where the drivers from the mobo makers website caused the crash. Replaced them with drivers direct from the chipset maker and it sorted it out.