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Dec 12, 2019
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Hi Mates

I build and manage a WordPress site for a small Association for Counselling. Unfortunately, we have been hacked into after ten years of good fortune. I did ask a few days ago if anyone could help give me guidance on cleaning the malware from the site. I did get a couple of replies for which I am grateful. Because of this, I did some further investigation and uncovered that (hold your breath guys) in 51389 files there is 2167227 viruses in 1218 lines of code. So after lunch what do I do :) ?

Seriously these lines are like this:-

/home1/eacweb/public_html/x2engine/js/checklistDropdown/jquery.multiselect.js: SL-JS-GENERIC-rl.UNOFFICIAL FOUND

As I explained at the time I am really non-technical at my age to try to find out if I can just delete these lines of code and close any backdoors that are on the site I will get rid of the virus and get the site back up to where I can get an affordable plugin to take the site to the next step.

Unfortunately all the organisations I have found want between $250 and $824 to clean the site plus an annual contract thereafter. The Association cannot afford $50 let alone %250 which is why I act voluntarily along with the officers for the Association.

Hope someone can give me some advice it would be appreciated.

Kind regards and keep safe fellas.