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    openbox s9 hd

    ive been looking at a openbox s9 hd to use for feeds and perhaps the softcam and have a few questions... 1. whats the blind scan like, fast/slow/good with dvbs2. 2. is the box stable. 3. can it use b.i.s.s. keys
    . 4. the box is going to be used with a td78cm dish so how sensetive is the tuner.

    your probably thinking its only 80 so just buy one and find out but i have recievers all over my house and dont want another just sat there doing nothing. ive also been looking at a az-box premium hd+(clone) for the same purpose but its twice the price. thanks as always, regards mdt
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    Re: openbox s9 hd

    i think the az box is the only one that will get 4.2.2 feeds
    and another new one on me never new there was clones of the az boxes floating about

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