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  • hi there thanks a lot for the help much appreciated. Wondoring if u can remember where u put the memory stick after you upgraded the box. Once again thanks a lot keeping me busy now channel hopping
    sorry m8 i forgot all about you as ive been busy. ill give you a ring on tuesday evening. regards mdt
    sorry but ive no car m8 (cant afford it) but if you pick me up ill help you for the price of a drink
    hi am new to this satelite lark and was wondering if u would be willing to help me out. Have a motorized dish but can`t get other satelites. Am in burnley and would be willing to pay your petrol if chance of any help cheers lionheart500
    hi m8, yes i did. i have the latest one from dec 2010 and it is alot better. i have the meter loader and the update programme to make your own data-set. pm me your email addy and ill send them to you. i got myself a satlook g2 at christmas but i wont get rid of my wolsey as its great for astra2. regards mdt
    Hi Looking back over last years posts did you get your data sets sorted out for your lacuna satellite meter .
    If so can i have a copy please the one on the meter support site say they are up to date but not all of them i think they have just done the most popular ones
    Regards Degzzy
    ive still got the card but its expired now anyway and i think theyve gone bust now anyway
    cant say m8, i just tried to log-in and recieved the message that i had been banned for a post that i made refering to me getting better results using a £60 dmm clone than my 9000hd were disconnections were concerned. regards mdt
    Thanks mate I cant seem to get option to PM - think I need to post more before I get this right! We can talk through email... its my username and add at the end. Cheers!
    if its a straightforward south facing wall and not extremely high up then i should be able to sort it. srend me a pm with the system details and your email ect and we,ll take it from there. regards mdt
    Hi mate I'm located in Bolton looking to get motorised install 1m which I believe should be OK for Arabsat? Basically Manchester shops have quoted me around £220 for kit including installation and £130 without so that's around £90 for installation!. Could you install it in full for me - £50 max if thats Ok? Mind you I would need to scour for a ladder lol
    I live in little lever and have no idea what I need for installation re-reciever-sat-dish please help
    Hi mate thanks for the reply

    my line should and used to clear tv2 pl 1-3 and tv2 sports 1-5 including all hd - but now is not

    You using shareboy server by any chance?
    hi could you please give me some advise im thinking og getting a spiderbox 900 with motor dish
    excuse me but i dont know nothing about this kind of thing what are the boxes like and what channels do you get
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