VU+ Duo Remote Options

Sep 13, 2023
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Thanks I got this box in the market today but has no remote control. I have a remote for vu+ that worked with vu+solo. Would you have any idea how to pair this with the duo or if that is possible.
What makes you thinks it's possible to use one box remote on another box, it might be possible but I would have thought it would have worked without programming. You could use your phone and the vu webif. If you are on the same network put the boxes in to your phone's browser or on anl laptop. You could also buy a cheap learning remote.
Original solo remote not one from a solo clone should work without doing anything.

If it does not then remote or receiver on the duo could be faulty, you can check the remote by looking at the ir transmitter through your phones camera you should see it flashing.
Vu+ Genuine Universal Remote Control

Suitable for Vu+ Duo, Vu+ Solo, Vu+ Uno, Vu+ Ultimo, Vu+ Solo2, Vu+ Duo2, Vu+ Solo-SE, Vu+ Zero.
Configuring Remote to work on your Vu+ model.

Mode 0001 : Solo / Duo.
Mode 0002 : Uno / Ultimo / Solo2 / Duo2 / Solo-SE / Zero.
Mode 0003 0004: Reserved for future models.

1. Press and hold keys 2 and 7 together for three seconds until LED is on.
2. Press HELP
3. Enter 0001 or 0002 or 0003 or 0004 on remote keypad depending on the correct mode number for your model receiver.

I think the Duo switched to Mode 0002 at some point.

So try the instructions above and see if it works.