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Jun 18, 2004
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Hi lads some time ago somone here said that somone was selling a cable that plugs in to the box and you can get PPV with vod, i haven;t herd of this since so does anyone know anything about this.
And one more thing does the AU Fun Hex fill up like the NTL card did and we had to put a new image on the card.

The 'dongle' you are talking about for watching VOD no longer functions. Its not possible to order PPV like we used to anyway.

A dbox is able to show vod channels... but you are only able to watch something that somebody else in your area has ordered. See my post in "Eurovox vs. DBOX" thread for more info on this.

As for the AU Fun hex, I have no idea... I dont use smartcards of any kind.
are u for sure on the dbox being able to show vod? does it still show ppv aswell?
100% sure. Its not like the NTL/Telewest PPV ordering system in that you can select what you want to watch - basically you just tune to a 'channel' and it will show whatever is being broadcast at that specific time.

It will only show what somebody else has ordered. You cannot choose what you want...

It also takes a bit of setting up. You need to find somebody in your area who has a DVB-C card, scan the network, and then find out the frequencies that are being used.
im thinking of get a dbox2 but will it still show normal ppvs till my area goes vod? How far will it scan 1mile?
DBOX2 has normal PPV... and when you go VOD then you can use the method of watching what other people have ordered.
Is this the same if i had a dreambox? how far will it scan vod ?
Dreambox runs on the same system.... and uses something called an 'enigma' image. You can adapt the image to give you VOD.

Both the dreambox and the dbox is limited to only a handful of streets within your area. I.E... it wont show you what everybody in blackpool is watching, but it will let you watch what people from RED STREET, GREEN STREET, BLUE STREET, and ORANGE STREET have ordered. (example only!)