Phone Unlocking unlocking sony ericsson k500i


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Mar 16, 2005
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I've searched and what i found on here is that i need a special cable to use the software. I read on a unlocking company site that if i get my IMEI number from my phone then they can send me an unlocking code.

Does anyone know how to do this themselves or if someone can send me the unlocking code if i give you the IMEI number?

I'm 99% certain they're scams. If they could do it like that then there'd be progs around the net to do it. No program like that would stay away from the net for long.
Why dont you phone your network and ask them for the code ?
I just got a new Ericson K600i and it was locked to voda.I phoned voda and they said there is a charge after a long discussion and me telling them that i didnt think that it was legal for them to restrict my use of the phone as there was nothing in my contract to say i was only allowed to use it on voda they sent me the code by email free.
Dunno if this will help you but worth a try m8