TV not picking up media player?


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Aug 6, 2005
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I wonder if anyone can help please.

I connected my laptop to my TV using svga cable (jack cable for audio) and successfully set up so that the background of the pc is displayed on the TV. I thought it would then be nice and straightforward to then start windows media player on the laptop play a xvid file and view this on my TV. Unfortunately, all i get on the TV is still the background. Attempted to change the TV to primary monitor but then the screen goes black and the "no signal" message appears.

Can someone point me in the right direction please.

1. Can you watch xvid files on your TV from your laptop?

2. If so, any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.
I dont understand what you mean by background on your tv is working? Are you running your tv as a seperate monitor or are you cloning your desktop to your tv.

Sometimes I have to drag my tv screen onto my monitor in the Display Properties/Settings box to get the image to work. Make sure the output resolution is compatible to your tv. Also any under/over scanning can be udjusted in the advanced properties area.

If its an Nvidia card they are very easy to configure using the advanced tab and then clicking on your Geforce tab.
Cheers for the reply mate.

By background I basically mean my PC wallpaper. I have set the resolution so that the wallpaper is displayed on the TV. The picture quality is superb and its set to display images at 60Hz. The monitor is set up as a 2nd monitor.

Do i need to configure the laptop setting graphic card so that i can watch divx output to the tv?