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  • Hi mate - Just wanted to say that if you get time have a search on 4od for a documentary called "Battle for Barking" If you remember you left me a neg rep claiming you thought what I said about the election spat with Bob Bailey was BS - I think you didnt believe the camerman was freelance and that the same youths attacked Nick Griffin earlier that day - if you do get a chance to see it I would appreciate your thoughts. I'm not trying to have a dig but I think you will see what I was saying was correct!!
    My friend Ramit (name changed on request) called me late Friday night. He sounded quite agitated. “You know, Haagen Dazs has opened its Delhi outlet”. I reacted with a joke. “Good, now you can spend a lot more on an ice cream than you normally would. But why are you agitated?”

    “Because I am not allowed to enter”, he said...

    Full story here

    New gold bugs taking gold mainstream - MarketWatch

    A great article which covers many aspects of investing in gold i the current climate.

    The correction has begun so anyone interested in buying the shiny stuff should look for an entry point. Visit stockcharts.com and keep an eye on the 50 day moving average. Once it starts to rise after the expected pullback it could be the right time to enter the market.

    Gas @$4 is a steal and well worth a biggish long bet.
    Gold is going down down down, if anyone wants to get on board this could be a good time to buy in. Anything around $800 in the current climate is a good price IMO (if you are expecting inflation with all the money printing that is going on)
    I'm bailing out of gold. It is time for some profit taking, I don't want to get too greedy. I'll be selling off some and not all. Holding some back for a rainy day seems wise in the current climate.

    I think the price will break $1000/oz sometime soon but the slide down could be pretty fast to around $850. In the short term prices will still go up so if anyone wants to buy in I'd wait for around the $850 to jump in.

    I'm only a Munkey so take my advice with extreme caution, make sure that you do your own homework.
    For those that didn't act on my PM buy signal I hope that you are kicking yourselves.

    Gold rose 16% paper value in one week and over 20% in real terms!!!! That is one hell of a tidy profit.
    hi munkey
    dont know if u seen this before, appears when i log in me email, just thought i'd forward it, hope it works ok:

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