trouble programming first card


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Oct 6, 2005
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hi..i am a newbie trying to do my first au fun4 card..i am following a tutorial which tells me to open the appropriate nagraedit bn11 rom11 image file. i have downloaded nagraedit but how do i open the bn11 rom11 image with the nagraedit 4.1??..what is bn11 rom11?? i understand that i need to use the correct flash for my area..i understand that i need to program the internal eeprom with crypthexEEP.hex and i also understand that i need to program the external eeprom with my edited nagrardit image..i just need to get up and running with the first bit..very nervous.
Have a good read up m8 your on the right track from what you have put in the post.
Allways delete the card befor you try and program it and if you fook up the first time delete card and keep trying till you get it right.

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does the infinity unlimited proggy need to be set at certain settings before i can start to prog cards??