t911 timings


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Jan 16, 2006
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I have got my t911 flashed with New11xdcmd9. Every time I try to glitch a card no matter what script or what rom revision it fails.

It tries various delay timings then gives an error like this:

Sc.Read: Timeout Reading Data From Card - 2 Bytes Requested, 0 Bytes Read, Continuing Script

Script Error on Line 171
Sc.GetByte: Requested Byte Exceeds Last Read Request

Can someone please help me with how to overcome this?
they usually come preset m8 around 12 0 clock mark have u got the right script for win ex if thats what u r using
I've tried just about every script there is!!!!

Using win ex 5.42. Get same thing every time
have u got the right script if not give us your addy and will send it also have u go tthe right com port selected
Yes m8. Using correct scripts for cards and com port 1
in the program parameters is the baud rate set to 115000,also in there is it set to my looper
Setting are:

data baud 115200
reset baud 115200

Set to modded t911
think u may have the wrong script m8 mine is different,give us an addy and u can try the one i have
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settings seem to be same m8. Also gave same results too.
have u got the dip switches set to 2 and 5 ON,also there is another switch which is set to the right looking at it from behind
dips 2 & 5 on and switch to power supply input side. Sorry for delay in replying. Trying to do 5 things at once.
cannot think what else to do u have got exactly the same settings as i have only thing i can think of is the flash or the t911 is faulty