Summat really weird....HELPPP!!!!!!!!!!


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Jul 20, 2005
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I'm in CW area an keys rolled out yestreday, so i jus unplugged the bx so it will cool dwn and i hav jus plugged it bak in now an i am getting all channels...i dint even program the card and its a funcard and i dint make it into an auto update (i no this cos i had 2 program it before wen it blanked out).

I put it on an the middle light was flashing an no other nt even the top, an now non of the lights are flashing....

Any1 xplain......:FRIGHT:
my moms box has done the same she phoned last night saying box had gone off but swiched it on this morning and all is on im sure the keys rolled out as i had to do my brothers card strange i know

sameira if you find out why this is please let us know thanx
Any1 else gt the same problem, i jus luked again an nw the talbak light is flashing......

JimmyQ wer r u?
im here been offline modem has been poorly :(
you sorted?
Well nw its gon blank again so its prob ok now i suppose........