stuck in tune pace 4001


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Feb 1, 2007
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s wales
okay guys ... got this pace 4001 stb and when switched on it takes 3 mins to boot ..... cannot get into the engineers menu at all..... it by passes.......... it goes straight to tune ....scans..... the gives me a error 5 which refers to nvram which i have check...... to ensure is seated correctly...... i have a few tutorials which are pointing to removing and replacing capacitors but they dont refer to anything about no engineers menu..... dont want get the solder out just yet.... need some advice...... cheers : multi : : multi : : multi : : multi :
just to add the box has not been used for 2 years !!!!! : multi : : multi : : multi : : multi :
sounds likeit took an update ,It should then say ERA5 , then FLA5, then LAIT then hopefully should boot. just put it back on leave it a while and let it do its thing.
yes all sorted up and running no problems...... thanks: multi : : multi : : multi : : multi :