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  • I am very far form an expert on the lite
    But a quick flash on/off is usually top screen
    The clip you broken wont cause ds not to work
    As for a fix for it i have no idea
    Only thing i can think of is a bodge job
    Place a cigarette filter (just the white bit) on the con
    This will spread over time so not a permenant fix though
    As for making the ds work just keep resiting the top cable
    One other thing if mainboard isnt secure(absolutely no movement)
    Ribbon will move on open/close hence the flash
    Hi i am wondering if you can help me, my mother asked if i can replace her touch screen cos the colaberation had gone, i didnt mind cos id done my sons recently but the old version ds, hers was the ds lite which was more complicated but i followed the online tutorial, and replaced the screen as shown, but when i put it back together it wouldnt work, the green light came on and the bottom screen flickered then it turned itself of, i found online that i had put the smallest ribbon connecting the screen, under the teeth instead of above them, so i opened it up again and corrected this, but accidently broke the small clip of, i tried my best to tape this securly, but after putting it back together, still the same problem, it charges fine and the red light stays on so i dont think it is a fuse problem, could you please suggest anything, i feel responible and have to give it back soon, please help.
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