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Does anyone know what the latest firmware is for the Pace Sky+ boxes and what the button is I have to press at power on to force the update?

I had an engineer in fixing my dish and he done an update to the box. Since then I have been having no end of problems with the live pause and rewind functions. I spent nearly 20 mins on the phone to Sky about this where they confirmed that they know of a problem with the firmware which they are going to fix on the next release, but the dont know when that will come out, what version it will be or for that matter anything about it.



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Aug 8, 2001
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the latest sky+ operating system version is 1.31A0E and the EPG software version is sky+1.30.q

it may be possible that theres a problem with your LNB as at the begining of october they are prone to solar damage (ive been replacing loads of LNBs the last few days). check your signal be pressing services,4 ,6 and the bottom signal level will probably be low with what you are describing, with this screen still showing swap the LNB 1 & 2 leads on the back of the box, if input one drops and input 2 is now ok then its your LNB or cable, if input 1 is still good and 2 is crap then your box needs replacing

hope it helps