Setting up DVB-C please contribute.....


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Mar 12, 2005
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I am relatively new to this forumn and have followed many of the methods to get cable channel and the best so far is the Dbox2, but now i want to record and play channels like sky+ but this is the limitation of the dbox lack of memory and bandwidth thats why i have now started a new project here are the basics:-

AMD 3200+
1024mb ram
Ati 9200 128mb
plenty of hard drive
TWINHAM DVB-C card (ordered and in the post)
Wireless Router

what i intend to do is use the power of the PC to not just allow me to record and watch different channels but to also multicast the signal to multiple PC's on the network with the possibility to watch different channels, from what i have researched most of this is possible but the information is limited in english and to much of it in german.

the software i currently have prepared to use this is:-

YANKE (Loads the plugins and autoupdate)
PROGRAM to put ll the transponders into RITZDVB
VLC 0.7.2 (To broadcast the streams across the network)

This is all i have and i intend to keep everyone posted and i hope this will be of real use to everyone who uses this forum as i wish that it will benifit us all!!!

Please add or ask any knowledgable questions and i will try my best to answer them, i hope to write a tutorial on this in few weeks but if someone has already beaten me please share.
yes been there but the information a little light weight and the budget card i wanted was not there but its start have you had a go at this and got it to work?