Screen Freeze



Hi all,

I have tried just about everything and I can't seem to get this right...

I have used several different images so I don't think it is an image issue and some images have been more stable than others but on average I get a screen freeze every couple of minutes.

I have a nokia 2x box and the modem has been removed. There is no splitter attached to the system either.

Any suggestions?

just put on your new one.. and now having trouble getting any video / or audio
.. :)

even without a splitter, it could STILL be a signal problem.
u got any subscriptions to the broadband/tv packages?
have a subscription to both at the moment... the package includes sky sports as well...
Okay.. have just returned to the Sportster 1.7+UK5 image on my Nokia 2x and have the following signal quality

Ber - from 10 to about 90
SNR - 60900 to about 60100
SIG - 35200 to about 3550


Avia 500: avia500v110
Avia 600: avia600vb022
Ucode: ucode_001A
Cam-Alpha: cam_+01_02_105d

Any suggestions?