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Mar 30, 2005
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i got a dbox but no remote.i was wondering if i could put a 3 digit number in the universal remote or is there a site i can buy one from? is the sagem box compatible with nokia remote ?
Try 603,604 or 606.
I dont think the nokia remote does the sagem but have heard that the sagem does nokia, but cant confirm this.
sagem box is not compatible with nokia remote unfortunately - you can get universal and all-in-one remotes but the codes for them vary, and not all of them work. have a search on the site for a few examples of what remotes people have got working.

for now tho, you can use remote control emulation software on the PC to simulate a dbox remote - again, search and ye shall find. I posted details on it a few days ago.

can you give me the software i carnt find it anywhere
saw universal remotes in my local poundland today, for wait for it.....£1

hav you got a list of universal remotes that work for the sagem dbox